We’re partnering with MannMukti to fight the stigma of mental health in the Desi community.

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About the Campaign

Why We Chose to #SpeakUp

Since its founding, Dafa Hoja has been committed to supporting great causes and organizations.Thatā€™s why, weā€™re extremely excited to announce that weā€™re partnering up with MannMukti to launch our new #SpeakUp tees!

Our #SpeakUp tees are part of a campaign to ensure mental health gets the attention it deserves within the South Asian community. We encourage people to speak up on what it’s like to struggle with mental illness in a culture that rejects the notion of mental health. We want to encourage individuals to take ownership over their mental health, rather than fear the cultural stigma.

70% of the proceeds from our #SpeakUp tees will go to MannMukti to help them say dafa hoja to the stigma of mental health in the desi community.

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MannMukti is a great resource for South Asians to learn about and address mental health concerns.

Dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting self-care, MannMukti launched in May of 2017 to normalize and discuss mental health issues. Through their storytelling platform, they hope to reduce the collectivist pressure of sweeping these issues under rug. Check out their website to learn more about their organization and access their wide array of resources!